Statendam (and S Class) Limited View Cabins

This considerable effort is courtesy of Cruise Critic member rafinmd. Photos taken in August 2014.

I realized after the fact that there were also limited view cabins forward of the aft staircase. I took photos of all the cabins between the aft doors and the next set of doors forward. My apologies for the different lighting between the port and starboard sides but I originally took the photos in Juneau and realized that the mural outside the ship was a distraction. The Statendam does not have traditional aft cabins but the lower promenade deck has 4 cabins (418-421) that have a window facing the aft. I’ve added photos of those cabins as well, even though they are not limited view.

The pictures were taken on the Statendam 8/22/14, but other S-class ships should be similar (with perhaps different numbers). Each “picture” shows a string of 3 shots taken directly in front of the cabin window, looking about 45 degrees left, straight out, and 45 degrees right.

The picture title consists of the cabin number and class
HH:Totally obstructed
H: Partly obstructed
EE: Supposedly not obstructed
E: Supposedly not obstructed

For port side cabins, the sequence of photos is aft, straight, forward view.
For starboard side cabins, the sequence of photos is forward, straight, aft view.