4054 – Eurodam

Kindly contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘ger_77’. Photos taken in fall 2016.

I thought I’d send along these pictures of the cabin we had on our trans-Atlantic, VA cabin 4054. It’s the one directly beside the lifeboats, which might deter some folks from booking it, but it certainly didn’t bother us. Part of the verandah is covered, and part is open, which gave great options during the sunny hours of the cruise. It was quiet, and with the exception of the day they did a crew lifeboat drill (including dropping the lifeboats), we weren’t even aware they were there.

Kindly provided by Cruise Critic member ‘slabeaume’. Photos taken in November 2015.

This is one of the 4 cabins on that are on either side of the lifeboats. The veranda is extra deep—about 14′ deep and normal width. There is some covering over the first 5′ or so (pretty much like a regular veranda). The rest of the veranda is uncovered. It had 2 loungers as well as the regular 2 chairs, ottoman and small side table. If people are standing at their rails above you, they can see much of your veranda. We didn’t find that a problem and loved the extra space and loungers. I also liked the extra 45 degrees or so of view to the side of the lifeboat since it did not have the opaque divider that is between cabins. The inside of the cabin was the same as any other veranda room I stayed in on the Eurodam—which was probably larger then the veranda “suite” on the smaller ship, the Maasdam.