1001 – Eurodam

Provided by Cruise Critic member ‘ellieann’. Photos taken in October 2013.

The description in the brochures/HAL website is accurate except for the fact that this cabin is slightly larger than other Category F cabins due do the angled entry hall. It is a comfortable cabin, definitey big enough for 2 people to move around freely, though it does suffer from the narrowness of the area between the closets and the bathroom door. But that is a problem that almost all HAL cabins have as far as I can tell. Some muffled noise from the show lounge, and sometimes elevator dings, can be heard in the cabin. And due to the position so far forward and low down, it is guaranteed that you will hear anchor, thrusting, and docking noises. Lighting is dreadful, but that is true of most HAL cabins. I did not notice any issues with the cabin bathroom, a/c, or furniture.