355 – Maasdam

Kindly provided by Cruise Critic member ‘0bnxshs’. Photos taken in October 2015.

This was our first time in a lanai room and likely our last time on an S class ship. On the positive side it was nice to be able to be outside on the lower promenade very quickly for pictures, etc. We had no problems with lounger squatters but it was a cool weather trip and few people used them anyplace. I did as I enjoy the cool weather.

The sliding door is rather heavy. Fortunately in this case so am I, but for a small person I could see it being a problem. I did like the magnetic locking system and button to release and anonymous card to open from outside. Not sure if they have this system on the Veendam. The cabin is somewhat less functional than a typical oceanview as a traffic flow must be kept open through the cabin. As mentioned, the couch is shorter. There are no drawers in the desk/vanity. There are a few extra drawers in the closet though, to compensate, but it’s not so convenient to the things you might want to keep at the desk/vanity, which is also truncated to accommodate traffic flow.

As the photos demonstrate below we did find that you could see inside the cabin at night with lights on inside if one stood at the correct angle. This could well be true of any lower promenade cabin with a window/door and same parameters. They did provide sheers but even with those, if one peered, you could see inside. Drapes did work to block any peeping. I only did so with my own cabin but I expect nothing different in other cabins. We also found that while light did leak around the drapes at night and during the day, it wasn’t so much as to disturb us. We did not face the sunrise in the a.m. though and that might have been an issue if we had. Morning deck cleanings did not disturb us noise-wise nor did any runners on the lower promenade. Again, this might have been due to being a cool weather cruise, although there were a fair number of walkers during the day.