3317 – Zaandam

Kindly provided by Cruise Critic member ‘0bnxshs’. Photos taken in September 2018.

My FIL and I spent 40 nights in this cabin going from Seattle to Rio. It served us very well and we had no problems with the bathroom, AC or lights, except that FIL did notice occasional hot/cold water surge in shower. There was occasional muffled noise from the Mainstage forward but nothing that 2 old men with mild hearing loss couldn’t handle. We actually used the device on the headboard between the beds found pictured below as a white noise system as all we ever got on it was static. We had no issues with the door between the connecting cabins. Having a partial sea view was no issue as it was easy to get out to the promenade via a door just 1 cabin aft of us. We never got direct sunlight in our room which is a nice feature of having a cabin on the promenade, so the room never got hot. Ship’s services were great. Remember, no fridge in the cabin. The Medical Center was happy to keep meds that required refrigeration. Would choose this cabin again and in fact have!