Prinsendam – 204 – V

Kindly contributed by CC member Vict0riann from her cruise of November, 2016.

She shares this information about her experience in this cabin – I had heard not-so-good things about these staterooms, so I was pleasantly surprised at the room.  Nice woodwork, and a very nice deep balcony.  Only thing wrong with the room were the paper-thin walls, and we had neighbours who played their TV all day and then talked over it.  These were not the neighbours on the connecting door side, whom I expected to hear, but the solid side, and I thought their TV must have been against our wall, but when one day, I had a glimpse of their room, the TV was on the other wall.

The brown seat against the connecting door was old and not very comfortable, but I suppose it would have been easy to move, if passengers wanted to use the connecting door.

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