7191 – Koningsdam

Kindly provided by Cruise Critic member ‘Jagger16’. Photos taken in December 2016.

The cabin has a separate entry shared with the Neptune Suite cabin next door. The balcony was spacious but only had one footstool. We were brought a small side table to make up for the absence of a second footstool. There is a small, round side table on the balcony which is not big enough for eating meals. It is good for a cup of coffee or a book.

The cabin has a cabinet between the bed and sofa. It was filled with blankets and accessories that we did not need so we had our cabin steward empty it and my husband used it as his drawer space. The three drawers provided are shallow and I used all three of those. We each had a narrow hanging closet.

There is a small cube table in front of the sofa. It was more in the way than not so we moved it next to the vanity and I was able to keep my things on there and that freed up the vanity for our room service tray. The cube table isn’t big enough for the tray or to eat breakfast.

The bathroom is very small but it has nice finishes. Only one person can be in there at a time.

The cabin itself was pretty quiet. No noise from the hall as we were at the back of the ship and vibration was only noticeable when we were pulling in or out of port. We did feel the motion when the seas were not calm but I did not think it was as bad as an aft cabin that we had on the Nieuw Amsterdam.