4093 – Koningsdam

Kindly provided by Cruise Critic member ‘homeofthehound’. Photos taken in June 2017.

Overall very pleased with the minimal amount of obstruction however my complaints with this cabin involve the noise levels in the cabin itself. This cabin is situated over the two levels of the Queen’s Lounge and the deck 3 Shops. The Queen’s Lounge had a live band playing their final set from 10:30pm – 11:15pm each night. A few nights they went as late as 11:35pm. I could CLEARLY hear all of the music, sometimes over my tv. Those who go to sleep early would find this very bothersome. What was strange is that you could not hear the music in the hallway, only in the cabin.

The second noise complaint I had was that iron metal gates that the Shops use as doors, were extremely loud when they were being rolled open and closed. Again on sea nights/days, they were closing the doors as late as 11:30pm and on sea days opening at 9:00am or earlier to let staff members in to open the shops.

Both were not detrimental to impacting my cruise, however if I had the choice to do it again, I would try a different cabin location if possible.

I struggled to find good quality pictures of the obstructed balconies on the Koningsdam so on my recent trip this month I purposely took quite a few photos to try to show that the obstruction is quite minimal (in my opinion).