4012 – Koningsdam

Kindly provided by Cruise Critic member ‘WSCruiser’. Photos taken in January 2019.

Kindly contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘RMLincoln’. Photos taken November and December, 2018.

Koningsdam room #4012, a steel-walled balcony. Deck 4, Beethoven Deck
The room itself is very standard as to size and furnishings. But I was surprised that on Koningsdam the room has only 2 closets, 1 long, one short. The 3rd “closet” has the safe cabinet, the refrigerator cabinet, and 3 shallow drawers (only half depth!) under the refrigerator. The short closet has 3 shelves at the bottom.

The location of the room is forward, port side. It is above the very back of the Show Lounge and the room does get some base reverberation from music during the shows and practices – noticeable but not earthshaking. It doesn’t get any noise from the BB Kings performances or the even later hours DJ music in the Queen’s Lounge.

The balcony is quite large, about 13 ft deep; standard width across, same as the room, 8 – 9 feet. The steel wall of the balcony has a space above it, then the railing on top. I am 5’0″ and I was able to see the horizon from the lounge chair if I sat up a bit, not if I reclined. Balcony furniture is standard: 2 reclining chairs, one ottoman, one small drinks table.
I enjoyed the deep balcony very much. It has some shade beneath the normal-depth balcony above it, and open space further out towards the railing.
The bridge-wing looks down into the balcony from above, and people on balconies on the decks above can see into the outer part of this very deep balcony, but not into the area near the room’s sliding door – this part is under the balcony above.

I would enjoy this room again, but if it were possible I’d try for one a few rooms aft to be further back from the Show Lounge but still have the deep balcony, albeit with the steel wall which was not much of an issue for me, and well overcome by the balcony’s large size.