1014 – Koningsdam

Kindly contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘rafinmd’. Photos taken in February 2017.

Koningsdam’s 12 solo cabins are all far forward on deck 1. They are listed as 127-172 sq ft, getting larger as the hull widens moving aft. 1014 is probably about 165 sq feet. There are so far 2 things to consider with the location. Late sleepers may find the machinery noise disturbing, and if the deck A forward gangway is used there may be crowds waiting for it to open. As I draft this, I haven’t yet experienced rough seas.

The next photos are overviews of the room. I will mention that if you click on the cabin on the HAL website you will see a photo of a room with a chair between the bed and the window. Don’t be fooled. The bed is right up against the window. This cabin really isn’t designed to easily sit in an arm chair and look out the window.

The bath is ok with a generous shower, but limited on storage space. There’s no real storage under the sink.

Storage space is ok for one but not overly generous. When I checked in, there were only 6 hangers in the closet including the one for the bathrobe. That supply doubled when my first load of laundry was returned.

The walls are steel. Alligator clip magnets are a handy way to keep things in view like the Daily Navigator, tickets, invitations, and the like.

There’s a nice sized desk. This is a good place to mention that Koningsdam, probably like most new ships, has a slot at the door where you put the room key to turn the power on. When you take the card out of the slot, there’s about a minute’s grace period to make an orderly exit from the room and then the lights go out. The desk has outlets on the left and right ends. At the right(wall) end are 2 US, 1 European, and 1 USB power port. These stay on all the time, even when the card is not in the slot. At the right(open) end are 1 US and 1 European outlets. These shut off when the card is removed. I suspect, but don’t know, that alternate cabins have the desk against the left wall and it is always the outlets next to the wall that stay on.

There’s a night stand at the head of the bed with 2 drawers and 1 each US and European outlets, a reading light and a wall lamp. These outlets and lights remain on when the key is removed from the slot, even though the other lights in the cabin will go out.

The TV is mounted to the wall at the foot of the bed with a good sized space for reading material underneath.

The seas were not bad despite last night’s strong winds. I did feel some movement in the cabin but no excessive concerns from the SLIGHTLY agitated seas. I’ve also attached a few shots from the library in case you haven’t gotten any. Finally, on my inside walk this morning I noticed that all the aft corner cabins are connecting. There is a single lockable door leading to the 2 cabins in the corner.