1012 – Koningsdam

Kindly contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘richwmn’. Pictures taken in February 2017.

There are several solo cabins of varying size, all located on deck 1 all the way forward. Comments here are based on cabin 1012, which according to the deck plan is one of the largest of the solo cabins.

This cabin is a nice size for a person traveling alone. It has plenty of room to move around and ample storage. It is possible that two could share this cabin if they are well acquainted. The cabin contains a queen bed – not two twins pushed together – which is against the port hole. It also contains a desk and nightstand. The desk has 3 US power outlets along with 2 European and 1 USB charger port. The nightstand has 1 US power outlet along with 1 USB charger port.

The bathroom is a bit small, and contains a shower only. The toilet is placed such that almost anyone will have to sit sideways in order to use it. The shower is large enough for a plus size person to use in comfort. The shower also contains the usual HAL shampoo, soap and conditioner and the shower head is adjustable.

The location is convenient to the World Stage and the Crows Nest, and a bit of a walk from the restaurants. I have been in the cabin while performances were going on in the World Stage and I didn’t hear any of it.

If there is any down side, it is that the TV is positioned such that you almost have to be on the bed in order to watch it. You could also move the desk chair and have a good view.