Lido & MDR Menus for Caribbean Cruises (lunch & dinner) – December, 2016

Kindly contributed by POA1 from his cruise of December, 2016 on the Eurodam.

The menus can alternate from one 7 day cruise to another (or for 14 day cruises). POA1 kindly obtained both sets.

Each pdf shows the menus both in the Lido & MDR for each day. The alternating menus are labelled Set A and Set B.

Day-1-Menu-Set-A-2016-Carribean-7-Day Day-2-Menu-Set-A-2016-Carribean-7-Day
Day-3-Menu-Set-A-2016-Carribean-7-Day Day-4-Menu-Set-A-2016-Carribean-7-Day
Day-5-Menu-Set-A-2016-Carribean-7-Day Day-6-Menu-Set-A-2016-Carribean-7-Day

Day-1-Menu-Set-B-2016-Carribean-7-Day Day-2-Menu-Set-B-2016-Carribean-7-Day
Day-3-Menu-Set-B-2016-Carribean-7-Day Day-4-Menu-Set-B-2016-Carribean-7-Day
Day-5-Menu-Set-B-2016-Carribean-7-Day Day-6-Menu-Set-B-2016-Carribean-7-Day