HAL Laundry Packages 2016/2017

Kindly contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘BVsmurfette’. Photos taken in September 2016 and 2017.

Prior to my cruise last year, I searched hi and low for information on laundry packages and had a hard time finding out accurate info! So, on my recent cruises, i photographed the laundry forms so i had the information handy. I figured I could share with your website as it’s been such a great resource.

The first pic is from a cruise on the Oosterdam in Europe in September 2016 of the laundry forms themselves. The charges at that time were $30 per bag, or $108 for 12 days which is $9 per day.
However, note that PRIOR to the cruise, I had called HAL Ship Services to ask about the unlimited laundry package and decided to order it over the phone so i didn’t have to worry about it later. At that point, I was only charged $7 per day or a total of $84 for the 12 days – so it seems that confirming it ahead of time did have some savings in this scenario.

And then there is a photo from a cruise we just took on the Zuiderdam in Canada & New England in September 2017. The charges are $20 per bag, or $10 per day. (I guess HAL charges different prices between Europe versus US cruises, and perhaps there was a also a change between 2016 to 2017?)

For the blue laundry bag, for size reference, that’s my iphone 6 that’s in the picture. I didn’t have a ruler to measure it but we were able to fit quite a lot into one bag. If anyone is interested in this – on our recent cruise we fit the following items in one blue bag, and everything came back clean and folded in less than 24 hours, which I think is a pretty good deal for 20 bucks!
Jeans x1
Shorts x2
T-shirts x6
Underwear x15
Socks x15