Amsterdam Lower Promenade Cabin Obstructed Views

Very kindly contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘rafinmd’. Photos taken in April 2014. Thanks for the considerable effort.

At our staff Q&A sessions (on the Amsterdam), there was a complaint that people had taken “oceanview” guarantees and ended up without much of a view of the ocean. This can readily happen with the DD and HH cabins on the Lower Promenade deck where a lot of superstructure stands between the cabin and the ocean.

While I won’t actually be going inside the cabins, I’ve been photographing the views from these cabins from a vantage point on the Lower Promenade deck just outside the windows. This should give a pretty good picture of what people can see from inside the cabin. Each cabin has a picture of the view aft and the view forward. The cabin number and view is noted with each photo.