8042 – Westerdam

Kindly contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘0bnxshs’. Photos taken in April 2015.

Cabin 8042 is an SY category cabin on the port side 5 cabins aft of the forward “bend”. The cabin was clean and functional however we found the A/C to only be marginally effective at its maximum cool setting in the warm climate of the Panama Canal and Central America. A fan provided by our cabin stewards helped at night. This may not even be a factor when cruising in cooler waters like Alaska. The hot water was very hot and the cold water nice and cool and functioned at all taps. No issues with the toilet. There was little noise to disturb us although occasionally we did hear mechanical bangs and thumps. Also, being just underneath the Lido there was slight noise from chair and table moving during the day. This also accounts for the rarely noticed but noticeable when present pool chemical smell in the hallway. We never smelled it in the cabin. Once in a while a cigar smoker would chase us from our verandah. If it weren’t for the A/C issue, this room would have been perfect.