714 – Ryndam

Kindly contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘ellieanne’. Pictures taken in January 2015.

… with the exception of the condition of the window, the comments apply to the same cabin on the Veendam as well. I can say that the seal around the window had at some point loosened and there was a significant build-up of salt on the interior of the window frame, as well as noticeable rust along the frame. Due to the location of the cabin, it is easy to hear and feel when the anchor is let down and weighed. It’s also easy to hear the thrusters during docking/backing away from the dock. There is also some noise overnight during sailing as the waves and bow wake hit the side of the ship. I will caution anyone in the cabin to make sure to draw the sheers in the mornings as the dockworkers can see directly in the windows when the ship is docked on the port side. The cabin is short on floor space, so even though it’s set up for 4 people, it would be a tight fit if everyone was in there and moving about at the same time. Sometimes it was crowded with just two people in the cabin. Taller, larger suitcases will need to be stored in the cabin as they will not fit under the beds or in the closets. There is a WiFi booster and a PA Speaker just outside the cabin door in the hall. I did not use the WiFi from my cabin on this trip, so I am not sure if the booster had any effect or not. I can say that at some ports with free WiFi, it is accessible at the bed from the Cabin when docked on the port side. The PA Speaker was LOUD; I could clearly hear all announcements, not just the emergency ones, but all the announcements, from the bed without having to open the door.

Another note, my parents were next door in Cabin 712 on this cruise and I was in and out of their cabin often. It was a mirror of mine with a few exceptions. It is only for 2 people, so it does not have the upper berth or the sofa bed berth. Also, the step into the bathroom in Cabin 712 was significantly lower than in Cabin 714. I think that was due to 712 being on the upper side of a slope in the deck between the two cabins. Lastly, the door to Cabin 712 is directly across the hall from the entry door to the Medical Center. It is possible to hear the comings and goings in the Medical Center, but also, if the cabin door is open and the bathroom door is as well, the nurse (and anyone standing) at the reception desk in the Medical Center can see right into the bathroom of Cabin 712.