712 – Ryndam

Kindly contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘ellieanne’. Comments from January 2015.

Our Cruise Critic member was in 714 on the Ryndam and pictures and additional comments for that cabin are on that page.

Another note, my parents were next door in Cabin 712 on this cruise and I was in and out of their cabin often. It was a mirror of mine with a few exceptions. It is only for 2 people, so it does not have the upper berth or the sofa bed berth. Also, the step into the bathroom in Cabin 712 was significantly lower than in Cabin 714. I think that was due to 712 being on the upper side of a slope in the deck between the two cabins. Lastly, the door to Cabin 712 is directly across the hall from the entry door to the Medical Center. It is possible to hear the comings and goings in the Medical Center, but also, if the cabin door is open and the bathroom door is as well, the nurse (and anyone standing) at the reception desk in the Medical Center can see right into the bathroom of Cabin 712.