7047A – Noordam

Comments kindly contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘ann1bell’. From a cruise taken in January and February 2015. No photos were taken.

I did not find much about this cabin before we sailed and hope this info will help future cruisers.

This stateroom is a category I, one of three added to the ship a few years after it was built. Is in on the website deck plan but not on the printed one given when boarding. It is also not on the deck plans near the elevators.

It is in front of the Neptune Lounge, past the NL kitchen and two other cabins. The only bothersome noises are some knocking or creaking noises when at sea. This does not happen often but we did notice it. The noise did not prevent us from sleeping.

I do not know the square footage of the cabin, but there is about 3 feet of space from the end of the bed to the outer edge of the vanity. On the other side there is room at the end of the bed for a round table and one chair, no room for a sofa. The only drawers are the bedside ones. There are no drawers in the vanity or the closet area. I am not sure what drawers exist in other HAL staterooms.

I think the bathroom is typical for an interior cabin and the closet area is adequate. One annoyance is the closet shelf area. There are three shelves but the top one does not extend to the wall. Anything small placed there may slide off and fall under the bottom shelf. We had to get on our hands and knees to retrieve dropped items before we stopped placing things there.

The stateroom number 7047A is the biggest hassle. My friends could not call me because of the A in the stateroom number. They were told our cabin did not exist. The person who took our room service order also said our cabin number did not exist. Three days before our cruise ended, I went to the front desk to address this and was given our 5 digit phone number. This info should be put on a label on the phone in this cabin or given to occupants when embarking. The best thing to do is to renumber these three cabins.

The pros are comfy beds, great cabin stewards, and a nice comfortable location.