6093 – Oosterdam

Kindly contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘Shrimpboat123’. Photos taken in April and May 2015.

We recently finished a cruise on the Oosterdam.We were in SB6093. This cabin is right beside the mid-ship elevators and is very convenient in that regard. Up one flight of stairs to deck 7 in order to go to the Neptune Lounge.

There is plenty of closet space, but drawer space is lacking. There are 3 drawers in the desk area and 2 drawers in the night tables on each side of the bed.

Anyone who uses the mid-ship elevator can see you sitting on your balcony but they can’t see into your room. If you are a light sleeper and the “ding” of the elevators is bothersome to you, then this cabin isn’t for you. It isn’t overly loud, but you can definitely hear the dings.

There seemed to be a constant knocking, on rough days, from inside the walls somewhere, but you get used to it. On rough sea days, you will hear lots of squeaking going on. We didn’t mind it that much.