5105 – Zuiderdam

Contributed by an anonymous donor. Photos taken in April 2014.

The Cabin is approx 21ft 6in long by 9ft wide with the included bathroom of 7ft by 4ft 6in. The veranda is an additional 4fy 6in deep by 9ft wide. The veranda overlooks lifeboat #11 with a small gap between it and #13 giving a reasonable view of part of the dockside or starboard sea. The cabin is clean, has good carpets, a good bed and 2 seater couch/open out bed. Aircon works fine as does the toilet. There are three wardrobes, 2 of which can accommodate full length hanging. Additional storage is provided by two cupboards over the 2 seater couch which have seen better days and 2 drawers under the bed. The bathroom fittings are in poor condition, bath is scratched and the shower hose in near of replacement. The thermostatic valve on the shower is on it’s last legs and there are some deep scratches on the toilet seat which seem unhygienic. There are 2 dual socket (110/220v) outlets on the desk unit above which are the TV and DVD.

Having sailed on the Queen Victoria – a similar sized vessel but somewhat younger and which was originally destined for HAL – in a similar cabin, I have to say that the difference in quality is substantial and that combined with all the other problems the Zuiderdam has will ensure that I will not pass over its gangway again.