4178 – Noordam

Provided by Cruise Critic member ‘jtl513’. Photos taken in December 2009.

This stern VB cabin is just like four VA cabins we have had on Vista ships with 2 exceptions: (1) it is about 6 inches wider, which makes it easier to get by the end of the bed, and (2) the closet nearest the door is recessed about 6 inches, which reduces its capacity considerably because the hanger bar is mounted perpendicular to the wall. You get 10″ of hanger bar instead of 22″.
The verandah is about 9.5 ft wide by 11 ft deep. It has not only the standard two chairs, ottoman, and small table (which I didn’t get in the pic), but also a lounger. The only trash we had fall on the balcony was a paper glass-cap and one cigarette butt. Once my wife had her legs soaked with water from a steward washing the plexiglass railing of the cabin above.
At times the vibration in this cabin from the propellers was quite bad, and at other times non-existent.