4021 – Nieuw Amsterdam

Kindly contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘cormike1’. Photos taken in February 2015.

This is a forward room over the theatre. We could hear the music and if you are a light sleeper, it might keep you awake. The shows are done at 11:00pm so it was alright after that. We did feel movement most nights. I am prone to motion sickness and wear a patch and the motion did not bother me. Lots of storage including a cupboard over the love seat. Tons of wooden hangers!!!! I usually bring some of my own and I did not have to….both for shirts and for pants. Nice wicker type arm chairs and footstool and very small table on the balcony. It was called an obstructed veranda cabin because the front of the balcony was not plexiglass, it was a metal front so when sitting down you could not see through the front of the balcony. It was cheaper than the plexiglass balcony. The bathroom had a bathtub and the curtain rod was curved outwards so the curtain didn’t touch you. It also had a removeable, hand-held shower head with different settings on it and the water pressure was very strong. Shelves running down 1 wall and a full length shelf running under the vanity. We would book this room again.