377 – Veendam

Kindly contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘BJzink’. Photos taken in January 2015.

This was our initial experience with a Lanai Cabin. The view through the glass is very panoramic, better than looking through a veranda door. The reserved deck chairs were great when the weather was great, about 10 of the 17 days. One of us uses a walker, and there wasn’t any extra space to store it. One of the other passengers’ comments stated that she left the sliding door open most of the time – when we tried to prop it open even a little bit, the ship staff asked us to keep it closed, and the spring closure was so tight on our door that I had a difficult time holding it open while trying to step over the threshold, carrying a book & soda. Other passengers tended not to see the “reserved” sign for the deck chairs, so we frequently had to ask them to move when we wanted to go out. We heard some complaints (not to us) about the lack of availability for the rest of the passengers to have deck chairs. The room is obviously smaller with the renovation, small desk, and small “loveseat”. The storage was adequate, and the bathroom seems the same as before.