3365 – Amsterdam

Thoughtfully provided by Cruise Critic member ‘JB&JLG74’. Photos taken in November and December 2014.

Being on the Lower Promenade Deck, Cabin 3365 is slightly smaller than other outside cabins as evidenced by the fact that it has a Love Seat instead of a full Sofa. It does, however, have an excellent location. It is the first room forward of the mid-ship stairs on the Starboard side, with the small winding staircase between Decks 3, 4, and 5 providing easy access to the Pinnacle Grill, Piano Bar, Explorations Café, and the Explorers’ Lounge. Just one deck up and a short walk down the hall are the Front Office (forward) and the dining room (aft). The self-service laundry is down the hall near the atrium (forward). The cabin has quick access to the outside deck on either side of the ship.

The view from the window is pretty good although you do see the bottom of the Tender Boat and there is a metal ladder in the middle of the view. Because the cabin is located by the Tender, you will hear the noise of the boat being lowered at Tender Ports (sometimes fairly early in the morning).

Also, when the Lower Promenade is crowded, people will obstruct the view. They cannot see into the cabin during the daytime, but you must remember to close the curtains after dark.

At the desk, there is one 3-prong 115 volt outlet and one two-prong 220 volt outlet. A two-prong hair dryer is located in the desk drawer. An alternative hair dryer is available on the bathroom wall, which also has a two-prong 115 volt outlet for shavers. A bottle opener is attached to the bathroom wall.

As for the door to outside Deck 3, we haven’t noticed any slamming. The doors have been taped off when it was very windy. I would imagine that procedure varies with the captains (how bad it must be before the doors are taped off).