Prinsendam Oceanview Cabin 303

Kindly provided by Cruise Critic member ‘jtl513’. Photos taken May 2013.

We feared at first that this cabin would be dark (with just portholes) and have lots of motion so far forward on a Trans-Atlantic route, but it turned out neither was the case. My main complaint was the walk-in closet. With the two hanger bars at right angles I think we had about half of the hanger space you would normally get in three closets along a hallway. My second complaint was that the bathroom was right next to the bed and had a noisy sliding door, so it was impossible for either of us to use the bathroom at night without waking the other. My DW did not like the large mirror inside the tub.
Our bags would not fit under the bed but the large ledge in front of the windows gave plenty of space to store them and gave easy access to some things that we never moved to the closet or drawers.