206 – Maasdam

Contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘shrimpboat123’. Photos taken in April 2014.

We recently completed a two week cruise on the Maasdam in a Vista Suite room 206 on deck 9.

I took a small tape measure with me so I could take some measurements of the room, balcony and the Queen Size bed.

  • Room size including bathroom: 8.75 ft by 26 ft or 227.5 sqft.
  • Balcony: 7 ft 2 in by 8.75 ft or 62.7 sqft
  • Queen Bed: 72in by 78in (approximate as it’s difficult to account for the rolled edges) (Made up from two 36×78 mattresses).

This room is situated under an area of the Sea View Pool. There is noticeable noise from deck chairs being moved around early in the morning and later on in the early evening. When they have music playing, you can hear everything. In my opinion it was a minor annoyance.

The plug for the hair dryer is in a very inconvenient location under the desk/makeup area. You have to get down on your hands and knees to reach in under the desk and plug the hair dryer into the 230v outlet (picture of outlet attached).

There are 4 closets, 9 drawers in the desk, and 2 drawers in each night table (no keys in lockable drawers). Plenty of storage under the bed for suit cases. There is only 1 – 110 volt plug at desk top level. There is a 110/230 volt plug in the bathroom in the light panel above the sink.