1062 – Noordam

Kindly contributed by Cruise Critic member ‘HALRunner’ who cruised the Noordam in early 2014.

We were in cabin 1062 (Main Deck J), and could hear every single beat/note/word/toe tap of BB King which was directly above us. Not just a muffled sound, but a full on concert in our cabin. Three sets a night got to be REALLY old and after several conversations with the front desk it seems everyone around us ha already complained enough and were moved to better cabins. They admitted the engineering of the ship did not account for a amplified six piece band playing nightly We were traveling with small children and were all up until the last set ended 11:15-11:30pm.  So, if someone enjoys BB King, this is the perfect cabin.  If someone is looking for a quiet cabin or goes to bed before 11:30 this is a horrible cabin for them.